Meet Our Technicians


Hi my name is Christyn I am the newest certified veterinary technician here at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital. I previously worked at another animal hospital in California as a registered veterinary technician for seven years before moving to Kingman. I enjoy many parts of my job, but my favorite parts are dental cleanings, taking x-rays, and of course cuddling with and caring for your pets as if they were my own. I look forward to expanding my skills and knowledge of many different species here at Cerbat Cliffs.


I have been a Veterinary Assistant here at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital for a year now, and I absolutely love it here. My favorite part about working here is the high standards we hold for great animal care for all of our clients pets. I have received training to perform anesthesia for surgeries, which is something I really enjoy doing! Getting to know and work with all your adorable fur babies has been such an amazing experience and I can’t wait to further my career to become a certified veterinary technician and continue working with such great clients and animals.


I have worked at Cerbat Cliffs for just about three years. I am an on call technician and love the rush of waking up all times of the night to come help an animal in need. The best feeling is nursing all kinds of animals back to health and watching them go home happy! I have six fur babies, three of which I obtained from working here! My favorite part of my job has to be kissing puppies or being kissed by puppies!


I have been a Veterinary Assistant for seventeen years. Ever since I was young, I have had a love for animals. This career gives me the opportunity to care for and help animals in need. One of the many aspects of my job that I love is assisting the doctors with surgeries, taking radiographs and overall patient care. Over the years, I have had the joy of working with multiple species, such as wild birds and snakes. It is rewarding at the end of the day to watch a patient go home healthy and happy. At Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital, I have a very rewarding career. Cerbat Cliffs has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge through courses and hands-on experience. I truly enjoy interacting with all of our great clients and their wonderful pets.


I have been a veterinarian assistant for four years. Throughout these years, I aspire to provide the best care to each and every animal that walks through our doors at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital. This is not only my career of choice, but my dream. I wanted to work with animals since I was a little girl. My dream come true has opened a whole new level of knowledge and achievements for me. The fascinations I have with my dream career are the beats and rhythms I hear when I gently place my stethoscope to their chest and listen to their precious heart. Or when I go above and beyond for your babies who are not eating and find out what they like, whether it be sitting in my lap eating out of me hand or preferring a plate over a bowl. Or how about when we problem solve and stand beside the doctors providing the best diagnostics to treat your babies.

The environment and care that is provided at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital is what perseveres me to be the best veterinarian assistant I can be for you and your babies.

Ps. Your babies and I like to go on short morning strolls through the side yard gazing at the sunrise in “awhh.”


My name is Liz. I am a certified veterinary technician at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital for the last eleven years. I am one of the lead technicians and I do most of the training to develop an expert technician staff. There are many aspects of my job that I love; a few areas that that I strive in are anesthesia, IV catheter placements, blood draws and difficult patient restraint. I have taken many classes over the years to further my training and expand my skills in low stress handling for dogs and cats. Another aspect of my job that I enjoy doing is critical patient care. It is very fulfilling to nurse our sick patients back to health with time spent walking, cleaning, feeding, medicating, and showing affection to each animal. I hope to further my career here at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital and continue to care for my pet patients as if they were my own.