Meet Our Kennel Technicians


I started working at CCAH in the fall 2018 as a kennel assistant. I have grown up around and owned a diverse group of animals such as horses, cattle, dogs, rodents, and cats. I am currently going to school to become a certified veterinarian technician, so getting the opportunity to work here is a dream come true. My favorite part of the job is getting the opportunity to bond with so many animals between their daily walks or even sitting down with them for some belly rubs and kisses. I cannot wait to further my education and career here at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital.


I am the afternoon kennel assistant here at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital. I have a dog and cat of my own, and my family has a whole zoo of animals. I have wanted to work with animals my whole life and I love that I have gotten the opportunity to care for and get to know all of your fur babies. I cannot wait to expand my knowledge while working with your pets here at Cerbat Cliffs Animal Hospital.